Pure Herbal Extract Toothpaste
Strong teeth and gums

Kolbadent is a Pure Herbal Extract Toothpaste,
formulated by a unique process combining valuable herbs with therapeutic properties

Product Concept
Kolbadent toothpaste

Kolbadent toothpaste is formulated with the ingredients. “Herbal Extracts” gave the toothpaste a light color, with unique natural scent to minimize bad breath, providing long lasting fresh breath and reducing the accumulation of plaque from food, smoking, tea and coffee. When used regularly, it reduces teeth sensitivity and bleeding gum effectively to maintain healthy teeth and gums

Kolbadent's herbal extracts
have outstanding therapeutic
benefits that have been recognized
for a long time, including:

Siam Miswark
(Streblus Asper Lour Extract)

It has been recognized for thousands of years as the “Toothbrush Tree.” Coi leaves contain natural dental floss. Kolbadent toothpaste contains extracts from Coi leaves to help strengthen and clean teeth. Asians have been using Coi branches to brush their teeth for thousands of years

Clove oil
(Eugenia Caryophyllus Leaf Oil)

the herbal remedy for toothache, has an extract called “Eugenol Oil” used in dentistry as an anesthetic. Ancient people used clove oil to treat toothache and sensitive teeth effectively. Toothpaste with clove oil extract is the best toothpaste in dental treatment

Oil extracted from mint leaves
(Mint Extract) or peppermint flakes

has natural antibacterial effect, reducing and suppressing bad breath and enhances freshness

Herbal Toothpaste Pure
Extract Kolbadent is suitable
for people with gum and teeth
problems for its features:

Kolbadent has all the good

Strong teeth, bad breath reduced, healthy gums, good flavor and freshness. Everyone admires Kolbadent as the best Pure Herbal Extract toothpaste in the following features:

• Toothpaste to cure sensitive teeth, toothache
• Toothpaste to cure bleeding gums, reduce stains and treats root canal
• Toothpaste to reduce bad breath

Kolbadent Pure Herbal Extract Toothpaste is available in 3 sizes: 35 gram, 100 gram and 160 gram

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